MiŚOT Group taps Redge Technologies

Redge-Technologies-1Poland’s MiŚOT Group has tapped Redge Technologies’ Redge Media as a complete technological solution for the development of IPTV/OTT/VOD services.

The project includes the deployment of a platform that will be available to the customers of small and medium-sized ISPs.

Launched in 2007, the solution consists of two main components. Redge Media SDP includes tools for content, user and service management, as well as applications for various end devices, including set-top boxes based on the AndroidTV system. While Redge Media VDP is a solution for transcoding, securing and distributing video content. In addition Redge Media VDP includes a distributed content delivery network (CDN) that operates in a hybrid model, perfectly suited to the needs of telecom operators.

MiŚOT specialises in the wholesale production and supply of products and services to small and medium-sized telecommunications operators, with currently over 1000 customers.

“The provision of TV services has so far required economies of scale, which has been a challenge for small and medium-sized telecom operators. By partnering with Redge, MiŚOT Group will be able to launch a single platform that will be used by many cooperating operators, building a common volume with content providers. We believe that by providing broadband services to local communities, small and medium-sized operators complement the market offering of large operators” said Marek Szymczak, telco media sales director and partner manager at Redge Technologies.

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