Tele Columbus COO to quit

Tele Columbus HQ

German cable operator Tele Columbus’s chief operations officer Roland Schleicher is to leave the company.

Roland Schleicher, who served as COO of Tele Columbus AG and managing director of Tele Columbus Betriebs GmbH and Tele Columbus Vertriebs GmbH, is leaving at his own request in order to take on new challenges in the future deliver, according to Tele Columbus.

Michael Fränkle, chief technology officer and member of the executive board, will take over the management of the operations division.

Schleicher joined Tele Columbus management in 2016 as chief business transformation officer in order to integrate the company acquisitions Primacom and Pepcom into the Tele Columbus Group.

In 2018 he was appointed Chief COO to transform operations and drive digitisation. In addition to the entire customer service, he also took on responsibility for customer-side and internal IT. The operator said that under his leadership, customer satisfaction increased.

Schleicher is also credited with modernising the Tele Columbus technological platform, furthering advanced digital innovations and creating the process platform for the company’s FTTH rollout and wholesale business.

Markus Oswald, CEO of Tele Columbus AG, said: “Increasing customer satisfaction was and is a key driver for customer growth in the broadband business in recent years and thus an indispensable prerequisite for continued success. Roland Schleicher laid the crucial foundations for this, for which we owe him special thanks.”

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