ESPN to launch hub for all live sports streaming

Disney-owned ESPN is aiming to become the TV guide of live sports, with plans to launch a hub for all live sports streaming including for its competitors.

CNBC reported that the sports broadcaster has been in talks with major sports leagues and media partners about developing a feature on its website and app that will link users directly to a live sporting event that is being streamed.

The new feature could include live-streamed events from global or regional streamers.

Business models for the new feature are being considered, as well as a model which EPSN would face subscription revenue cuts.

According to CNBC, the sports network has also proposed an option to notify its users to sporting events that are being aired on the linear TV channels.

Disney’s CEO Bob Iger recently revealed the company will be organised into three core collaborative business segments — Disney Entertainment, ESPN, and Disney Parks, Experiences and Products. This will provide leaders of each business segment to have full operational control and financial responsibility for creative development, marketing, technology, sales, and distribution, and will be accountable for driving business efficiencies globally.

A timeline for the new offering has not yet been revealed.

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