A1 to open cell tower company

A1 Telekom Austria Group will spin off the radio masts into a separate cell tower company while maintaining the ownership structure.

The decision was made at the Supervisory Board meeting. The company said the subject of the transaction are around 12,900 towers in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and North Macedonia.

Telekom Austria AG shareholders will also receive additional shares from the new radio mast company which will be listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

Thomas Arnoldner, CEO of the A1 Group: “We welcome this decision to spin off the passive infrastructure into a separate company. It offers strategically important prospects and a long-term stable ownership structure. This will make the network expansion faster and more efficient, from which our customers and the business location will benefit.”

“With this important step for the future, we are creating more transparency and generating better use of the existing systems. This is already common practice or has been started at many large national and international telecommunications providers in Europe and Austria. We too are now following this example,” added Alejandro Plater, COO of the A1 Group.

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