O2 Czechia builds new tariff around Voyo and Sony-owned AXN channels

Czech platform O2 TV is adding a new tariff from February which will give its customers access to Nova TV’s popular Voyo app and two Sony-owned movie channels AXN and AXN Black. The new tariff, which is called O2 TV Zlatá Voyo, costs CZK 799 if bought as a standalone product, but is cheaper if bundled.

Anna Lenerova

The decision to create a new tariff around Voyo comes after O2 first introduced the app to its platform in December 2022. The decision to do so has a commercial logic, given that both Nova and O2 are part of the same investment group PPF. Anna Lenerova, O2 TV head of content, said: “Given the great interest of our customers in the Voyo package, which we added to the O2 TV offer back in December, we decided to create a completely new, full-fledged tariff that will offer access to Voyo.”

One interesting innovation introduced alongside the new Voyo tariff is the ability to seamlessly switch to another similar tariff centred around HBO content. “We believe that being able to switch from HBO to Voyo (and back) every once in a while, will be a welcome change for O2 TV viewers that will expand their options,” said Lenerova. In addition, there is an option to view content from both services via the Kino package.

One other interesting development at O2 Czechia is the launch of children’s channel Moonbug Kids. Moonbug is the studio behind YouTube animation sensation Cocomelon. Having originally built its business online, Moonbug has now started to enjoy success distributing its channel via more traditional media platforms.

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