Ateliere Creative Technologies teams up with Amdocs’ Vubiquity

Ateliere Creative Technologies, a developer of media supply chain solutions, has teamed up with communications and media software and services giant Amdocs to address the needs of media companies.

Ateliere has selected Amdocs’ Vubiquity unit as its preferred managed services partner. Customers with media supply chains fully managed by Ateliere Media Services, also running on Ateliere Connect, will now be aided by Vubiquity’s media services and global support operation.

Anthony Goonetilleke

Additionally, Vubiquity will expand its existing video processing technology to run the cloud-native Ateliere Connect media supply chain platform.

According to Amdocs, this will allow Vubiquity to reach additional platforms above and beyond the 2,800 or so destinations it delivers to today and offer further scalability and flexibility for clients on how it can continue to package and distribute content.

Ateliere Connect provides toolsets to source and deliver Interoperable Master Format (IMF) and while still seamlessly integrating with Vubiquity’s existing apps and workflows, such as MetaVU and AssetVU. Ateliere’s award-winning AI technology, Deep Analysis/FrameDNA will be used to mitigate pain points around content localization and remove video duplication through version consolidation, according to the pair.

Vubiquity has capabilities across the media supply chain, including video-on-demand, localization, mastering and distribution managed services.

Ateliere Connect capabilities include tools to onboard and optimize content libraries and no-code/low-code tag-based templates to automate packaging and distribution to OTT, broadcast and cable endpoints.

“The world of streaming content continues to evolve at an accelerated pace in order to entertain a global audience that demands superior quality content across any touchpoint. This collaboration will provide global media companies a uniqueoffering that enables them to create seamless end-to-end experiences, providing greater flexibility and cost efficiency,” said Anthony Goonetilleke, group president of technology and head of strategy, Amdocs.

“Streaming service expansions and the need to keep up with fierce content demands are a challenge for media operations everywhere. Ateliere has taken the lead in finding solutions specifically designed around the business needs for media service operators, including the media supply chain and content delivery with Ateliere Connect,” said Eric Carson, Chief Revenue Officer, Ateliere.

“Time-to-market and cost efficiency are key for Vubiquity and their customers. We are excited to collaborate with Vubiquity on their media supply chain augmentation with Ateliere Connect; and enable their clients to deliver in-demand content quickly.”

“Vubiquity is well-known and respected for its technical prowess in media workflows. We look forward to a long-term collaboration where their service orientation will help us evolve Ateliere solutions. The Ateliere Connect platform will help enhance Vubiquity’s world-class servicing capabilities, including those offered to existing Ateliere Media Services customers that will migrate to Vubiquity under this deal.”  



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