Disney+, Viaplay prices increase in the Netherlands as inflation takes hold

Inflation is starting to bite in the Dutch streaming market following reports that both Viaplay and Disney+ are hiking their streaming subscription fees. The question now is whether rival platforms will follow suit in this highly competitive SVOD market.

Viaplay, which entered the Netherlands in March 2022 with a strong line up of live sports, is upping its monthly fee from €13.99 to €15.99 in February, approximately 14%. Disney, meanwhile, has increased its monthly fee from €8.99 to €9.99 (11%).

SVOD has high penetration in the Netherlands and families often take out more than one subscription. In addition to the above platforms they also have services such as Netflix, HBO Max, SkyShowtime and Amazon Prime available to them. HBO Max and SkyShowtime are both relatively recent arrivals and have so far kept their prices quite low, with the former available at €7.99 (without ads) and the latter available at €6.99.

Amazon Prime, meanwhile, recently raised its prices across Europe – but kept the

Netherlands at a rock bottom €2.99 as its seeks to establish a foothold.

Netflix hasn’t raised its prices in the Netherlands since 2021. Rises among rivals may tempt it to do the same – although for now it is more likely to focus on upcoming changes to its password sharing, which is sure to attract negative consumer response.

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