KPN embraces streaming with new KPN TV+ offering

Dutch telco KPN has launched a new TV service combining traditional TV and streaming, becoming the latest telco to embrace streaming as at the core of its TV offering.

KPN said it was launching “a completely new way of watching television in the Netherlands” with the new offering, KPN TV+.

The telco said the service combined the best of live TV and the best streaming apps together on one screen, making it easy for viewers to seamlessly zap between TV channels and Netflix, Disney+ or RTL streaming offering Videoland and back again.

Functionality includes the ability to search for a film or series in the TV or streaming offer.

The telco said that KPN TV+ was designed to connect with o the current generation of TV viewers for whom binge-watching Netflix and Videoland is at least as important as zapping between NPO and RTL.

KPN remains a major TV distributor in the Netherlands via IPTV, despite the decline of its legacy digital-terrestrial offering. More than 3.6 million households have access to TV via KPN.

“I am proud that we have brought together the best entertainment that KPN has to offer – which of course includes linear television, in one new product: KPN TV+,” said Jochem de Jong, VP partnerships, TV and entertainment KPN .

“In addition to the millions of satisfied TV viewers, a rapidly growing number of customers are also interested in our entertainment offerings such as Netflix, Disney+ or Videoland without having to subscribe to the classic linear television channels. This is now possible thanks to KPN TV+. In a time with a huge choice, it’s nice that you can simply switch your services on and off, even your TV channels.”

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