BBC Studios unveils digital-first comedy channel Funny Parts

BBC Studios, the commercial arm of the BBC, has ramped up its commitment to digital-first content with the launch of Funny Parts, a new comedy channel that is designed to connect with younger audiences. At launch, the channel is available cross social platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The new channel will offer a mix of original IP and youth-skewing content from the BBC’s comedy library, for example This Country, Famalam and The Young Offenders. Among the new shows at launch are Hack Attack, Little Rants and Sound Off. 10 episodes of each title will gradually be released with new commissions to follow.

Athena Witter

Athena Witter, VP of programming at BBC Studios Digital Consumer Engagement, said: “Funny Parts offers a home for our new digital-first comedy and entertainment content, and also allows us to tap into a fantastic wealth of recent comedy content made for Gen-Z audiences. These three new commissions are a great example of our approach to developing, testing and delivering new shows direct to audiences.”

Hack Attack is a 10-part gameshow where guests answer questions set by a mysterious Hacker or risk having embarrassing secrets released from their devices. Little Rants sees 10 celebrities rant about something that’s really been bugging them.

Digital comedy is an area that BBC Studios has been exploring for a while. Previously, Witter’s team commissioned two short form series from BBC Studios-owned Baby Cow Productions. The Train, 4 x 10 mins, was created by Lucy Pearman and is about three people who work together on a commuter train. What’s Happening?, 5 x 12 mins, is a satirical sitcom about a disruptive video podcast, featuring a rogue’s gallery of unhinged interviewees. Chris Allen, head of development at BBC Studios DCE, added: “This is an opportunity for us to showcase new talent and rising stars, and to encourage innovation – which is what our digital-first strategy is all about.”

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