Vantiva supplying advanced gateways to Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom

Vantiva, the consumer premises equipment specialist formerly known as Technicolor, is supplying the UK’s first Wi-Fi 6E gateway to Vodafone and has also secured a contract to supply a next-generation DOCSIS 3.1 and Wi-Fi 6 gateway called Magenta Home Box Fiber to Deutsche Telekom’s Austrian subsidiary.

Vodafone UK is deploying Vantiva-supplied Ultrahub, the UK market’s first Wi-Fi 6E gateway.

Outfitted with tri-band radio technology, Ultrahub supports multiple extenders and can be configured by Vodafone to provide Wi-Fi support for a growing array of new services being introduced by the network service provider as part of its strategic roadmap including home network security, IoT, and digital security applications.

“Consumer behaviours in the UK market are evolving rapidly. It has created new requirements for leading network service providers, like Vodafone, to deliver strong, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the home. Improving wireless services in the home is playing an increasingly prominent role in reducing subscriber churn by improving customer loyalty,” said Mercedes Pastor, senior vice president of global CPE business unit for Vantiva.

Deutsche Telekom is meanwhile deploying a next-generation DOCSIS 3.1 and Wi-Fi 6 gateway called Magenta Home Box Fiber in Austria, where the telco acquired Liberty Global’s former cable operation.

“Magenta Telekom required a partner that could deliver next-generation customer premises equipment (CPE) to support the sophisticated needs of Austria’s enterprise and residential markets.

We selected Vantiva for its extensive expertise in developing standardized open software stacks, such as RDK, to quickly scale this deployment,” said Dominik Thauerböck, vice president of broadband market management and network expansion for Magenta Telekom.

“In addition to enhancing throughput and network performance to – and within – subscribers’ homes and workplaces, the Magenta Home Box Fiber enhances the end consumer’s experience bringing a number of managed services integrated into Vantiva’s device. These include key features and the most relevant value-added services for our customer at this stage,” said Mercedes Pastor, executive vice president of the global customer unit for Vantiva.

“This is another important step in our strong collaboration with Deutsche Telekom Group, as Vantiva becomes the main supplier for Deutsche Telekom’s Magenta Austria operations. This partnership enables Deutsche Telekom to enter this new market with Wi-Fi 6 gateways and maintain its competitive and differentiating posture.”

Vantiva is also supplying advanced set-top boxes for the UK’s TalkTalk, as reported in DTVE yesterday

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