AVOD service ElectricNOW expands internationally

The Librarians



LA-based Electric Entertainment’s AVOD service, ElectricNOW, is expanding internationally, beginning with Australia next month, and followed soon after by Canada and the UK.

The service, which until now has only been available in the US, will launch in these territories with approximately 450 hours of programming, including Electric Entertainment’s original productions such as The Outpost and The Librarians.

It will also carrry feature films include the British romantic comedy, Say My Name, the Irish thriller, The Dig, the US war drama Flyboys and the Maltese historic production Blood On The Crown.

Viewers will also be able to watch episodes from Electric’s video podcast network, Electric Surge, including, Leverage: Redemption After ShowInglorious Treksperts, The 4:30 Movie, and Best Movies Never Made.

ElectricNOW Australia will be available on connected devices such as Roku, Apple TVOS and iOS, LG TV, Google/Android, Amazon Fire, Samsung TV, and Hisense Roku TV.

Electric Entertainment CEO Dean Devlin commented, “When we first launched ElectricNow domestically, we knew our fans reached beyond our US borders.

“Throughout the years we have had a constant outpouring of fandom and excitement from territories all over the world. We are now thrilled that our shows and films will be reaching our fans beyond the US, and we will continue to increase ElectricNOW’s distribution worldwide.”

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