SES-22 satellite set for June 29 launch

Satellite operator SES has announced that its latest unit, the SES-22, is being prepared for launch next week.

The Thales Alenia Space-built satellite is scheduled to launch from SpaceX’s Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station on June 29, 2022.

SES-22 will operate in the 135 degrees West orbital slot and will deliver TV and radio to millions of American homes and provide other critical data transmission services, with operations expected to start by early August 2022. 

SES said that the new satellite is part of a broader programme from the FCC to work with satellite operators to develop a plan to clear 280 MHz of C-band spectrum for 5G mobile services (plus a 20-MHz guard band) so that TV and radio services, critical data transmission services and 5G networks can be delivered simultaneously.

SES completed all Phase I transition activities in September 2021, and is on track for completing Phase II transition activities to meet the FCC’s December 2023 deadline.

The company has ordered six satellites to provide the necessary capacity for its customers, with SES-18, SES-19, SES-20, SES-21 and SES-22 all to be launched in 2022. Combined, the units will enable the delivery of digital TV to nearly 120 million homes across the country.

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