Fuel TV on FuboTV

Action sports broadcaster Fuel TV has announced a partnership with FuboTV to launch in the US and Canada.

The deal, announced by Fuel TV chief revenue officer Felipe Castilho, will ses subscribers to FuboTV’s Sports Plus add-on package gain access to FuelTV’s premium content focused exclusively on the sports, culture and lifestyles of Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Free Skiing, BMX and MTB, and the art, music and fashion that define them.

Castilho said: “We’re thrilled to continue to grow our global presence with Fubo TV, which has a large presence in the US market. This launch is a testament to the strength of the FUEL TV brand and the growing importance of action sports around the world, as demonstrated by the Olympics, which added six of our core sports to the games.”

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