Digi sees strong revenue and RGU growth

Romania-based broadband, mobile and pay TV service provider Digi saw strong growth in revenues and revenue-generating units last year, with revenues up 12.7% to top €1.5 billion and RGU’s passing 20 million, including 18 million from continuing operations.

Digi, which sold its Hungarian unit to 4iG in the course of the year, said that revenue from continuing operations was up 15.4% to €1.3 billion, while adjusted EBITDA from continuing operations was up 9.5% to €410 million.

Paid television services, within the Group’s continuous operations – meaning cable and satellite television in Romania – grew by 8.4% , from 4.7 million RGU to 5.1 million RGU.

The company said that expansion of its fixed network and investments in infrastructure had brought a significant increase in fixed internet services, up from 3.5 million to 4.3 million RGUs in Romania and Spain, an increase of 21.2% compared to the previous period.

Mobile communications services in Romania, Spain and Italy grew from 6.3 million to 7.5 million RGUs. up 19.3% .

” The year 2021 brought a series of important changes in the structure and dynamics of the Digi Group, including the sale of our operations in Hungary, the acquisition of additional spectrum in Romania, as well as the entry into the telecommunications market in Portugal. These important steps will shape the long-term development profile of our business. We are pleased to have achieved significant financial and operational performance. We will continue the efforts that have brought us solid results and investments in infrastructure and technology , in order to grow the business and maintain a high level of quality of the services offered to our customers. We are grateful to our colleagues in all territories for their professionalism and competence. Thanks to the joint effort, our customers have constant access to high-performance and affordable services ,” said Serghei Bulgac , CEO of Digi Communications.

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