TV shipments to increase in 2022

Global TV shipments are expected to reach 217 million units in 2022.

According to new figures from TrendForce the issues which caused a shipment decline in 2021 – such as rising raw material and freight prices – will not be a factor in the coming year. The research firm notes that panel supply and overall production capacity will be ample in 2022, which will prevent severe TV panel price fluctuations with consumer costs to be stable. 

The year will also see the increased availability of small-sized TVs up to 43-inches, with the severe impact of the pandemic in Southeast Asia and emerging markets in 2021 forcing a deferral of demand. 

Overall, the proportion of shipments below 39-inch will remain at 25%, medium-sized 40~59-inch panels will remain at 55%, and large-sized panels above 60-inch will remain the focus of international brands with market share expected to rise to 20%. TV shipments in 2022 will grow by 3.4% to 217 million units, up from 210 million units in 2021.

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