Qwest TV launches on Plex

Qwest TV, the music video streamer co-founded by Quincy Jones, is teaming up with Plex, the free entertainment streaming service to provide access to its content. Plex will be the first device-agnostic way to access Qwest TV’s curated channels in the USA. 

The move means that Qwest TV’s linear channels now reach more than 149 million viewers globally.

Qwest TV’s linear channels include concerts by popular artists alongside moments in musical history. Channels include: Qwest TV Classical, featuring opera, ballet, and concerts from around the world, Qwest TV Jazz & Beyond, featuring jazz to soul, funk, blues and global music, and Qwest TV Mix, featuring indie rock, electronic, and roots-driven artists from around the world.

Plex has been offering films, shows, and streaming entertainment for free for over 10 years via the Plex app, which can be viewed on connected devices from phones and tablets to game consoles and connected TVs.

“Plex is our latest step in bringing more world-changing and genre-defying music to more viewersBy presenting this music in a new format to new audiences, we’re striving to tear down the barriers that separate different cultures and that limit our listening habits. Digital platforms are too often dictated by algorithms that create echo chambers with our own cultural background and previous experience. Partnering with an innovative company like Plex solidifies Qwest TV’s position as the global leader working to ensure openness, curiosity, and inclusivity in our artistic and cultural consumption,” said Qwest TV CEO and co-founder Reza Ackbaraly.

“When it comes to experiencing art, access is key. Access to high-quality performances and ideas lies at the core of our mission; it’s what drove Quincy and me to found Qwest TV to begin with. Plex furthers this by bringing our content to viewers wherever they like to watch.”

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