DTVE Symposium session on the UX to address the issues facing multinational, multi-network operators

The user experience is the unique point of contact between the video service provider and the customer, and a key element of differentiation between services.

But with major TV operators increasingly delivering hybrid broadcast, non-linear and app-based services over multiple network types in multiple territories, delivering a compelling unified experience has also become uniquely challenging.

The next session in DTVE’s ongoing Digital Symposium will address the role of the UX in providing a unified brand and experience for operators deploying across multiple territories, using the case study of A1 Group, which operates in seven countries and provides services for approximately 24 million customers.

To introduce this Symposium session, Omdia’s Merrick Kingston will touch upon the following topics and themes:

  • Does merely providing a grid of 3rd party apps pass muster in a market that demands super-aggregation?
  • Does UI personalization have its limits? Can it be pushed too far?
  • How best can media companies offer a unified experience across territories, devices, and networks?
  • Designing a pretty interface is easy; how do we move the needle on consumption?

This session will address the importance of the UX to the identity of a service and to attracting and retaining customers, and the challenges of delivering consistent compelling experiences in complex environments.

  • What makes a compelling user experience in an era when operators aggregate multiple sources of content?
  • How can operators provide a unified UX over multiple types of network to multiple types of device?
  • What are the challenges in delivering a consistent UX to operating subsidiaries in multiple territories with different market environments?
  • What are the key features that make a compelling UX and what do operators need to think about in providing them?
  • How far can the UX be personalised and which features make for compelling personalisation?

This discussion, moderated by Stuart Thomson, Editor of Digital TV Europe, will feature contributions from Mihail Semerdhiez, Senior Manager, Fixed and Convergent Services, A1 Bulgaria, Patrick Vos, CEO, Zappware, Tom Dvorak, Co-Founder & CCO, XroadMedia and Merrick Kingston, Associate Director, Research and Analysis, Media Delivery, Omdia.

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