CableLabs and Mediacom kick of 10G trial in Iowa

US cable standards organisation CableLabs has launched a trial of its new 10G technology in partnership with cable operator Mediacom Communications and cable operator association the NCTA in Ames, Iowa.

Mediacom has created a ‘smart home’ lab wired for 10G broadband that enables the latter to test advanced consumer applications. These include kitchen devices that blend IoT technologies to create food, telemedicine connections, home automation, e-gaming, entertainment, virtual and augmented reality applications powered by the body’s own electricity an a variety of other technologies, including applications for pet care, remote working, distance learning and window washing.

Entertainment applications include holographic video.

CableLabs and the NCTA have used CES in Las Vegas last year to unveil their vision of the rollout of ultra high-speed broadband services and has trademarked the term ‘10G’ to communicate it.

CableLabs said at the time that US cable operators including Comcast, Charter, Cox, Mediacom, Midco and Cogeco, alongside international players such as Rogers, Shaw Communications, Vodafone, Taiwan Broadband Communications, Telecom Argentina and Liberty Global were implementing the 10G initiative,

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