Digital TV Europe launches industry survey

The explosion in demand for streaming video that accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic has more than ever highlighted the need for video service providers to respond quickly to shifts in the market. Growth demand has brought additional challenges, and service providers need more than ever to be able to optimise streaming offerings to ensure a high-quality of experience, as well as to personalise services and the user experience.

Digital TV Europe wants to know what the video industry’s leading minds think are the key challenges and priorities facing streaming providers, from controlling bandwidth costs to being able to respond rapidly to movements in consumer demand with new features and functionality.

What tools do service providers need to be able to meet consumers’ expectations? And what role can developments such as edge computing and serverless compute services play in giving service providers the power to innovate?

The editorial team at Digital TV Europe will use the survey results as the basis of an in-depth report that will be available to you free of charge.

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