Austrian study reveals profile of esports fans

Half of Austrians under the age of 25 are interested in esports and one in seven Austrians regularly consume esports content, according to a study by A1 Telekom Austria with Nielsen.

Some 32% of people surveyed expressed a strong interest in esports, with that number rising to 49% among 14-24 year-olds.

Some 73% of esports fans are male, despite the fact that 45% of active gamers are female. Gamers are 33.1 years old on average, while esports fans have an average age of 29.5.

Some 54% of Austrians play a computer game at least once a week, while 14% regularly watch esports, with YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and Twitter being the leading platforms to access esports content.

The study found that Call of Duty is the most popular game among gamers, while Counter Strike: Global Offensive was most popular among esports fans, followed by League of Legends.

The study found that esports fans have an above average interest in consumption, with interest in computers and accessories 22% above average, interest in sports betting 26% above average and interest in sporting goods and automobiles 16% above average.

However, among its own A1 esports community, fans, while more than averagely interested in computers and accessories, were 20% less interested in holidays and wellness than the average Austrian, 31% less interested in cosmetics and 14% less interested in banking and financial services.

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