Waipu.tv launches Turkish streaming package for Germany

Streaming service Waipu.tv has launched a new Turkish package for the German market, creating a new option for Turkish speakers in the country who hitherto have had to turn to cable or satellite for content.

Waipu.tv is offering a package of 30 channels in a move that is likely to aimed at those unable to set up a satellite dish targeted at Türksat’s platform at the 42° East orbital slot.

While a large number of free-to-view channels are available via satellite, offerings available via cable tend to be more limited.

Waipu.tv’s Türk Paketi offers 25 channels in HD for €12.99, with new subscribers able to sign up for €9.99 for a limited period. One-month free trials are also available.

The package can be viewed on up to four devices simultaneously. The service also offers network DVR functionality for up to 100 hours of content and over 50 German channels.

Waipu.tv is also offering a premium variant with over 110 German channels and access to pay TV services for €19.99 a month.

The servide is available via Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast or Apple TV to TVs,and alcan also be viewed via Apple and Android smartphones. The Waipu.tv app is also available via Samsung or Android smart TVs.

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