Parks: 75% of smart home device owners find devices ‘very valuable’

Some 75% of US smart home device owners find their devices ‘very valuable’, according to Parks Associates.

The research firm found that consumers’ value assessment of smart home solutions “jumped considerably once they own these products”, with 38% of people who don’t own a smart home device considering them valuable.

“Smart home device owners are generally satisfied customers. They are twice as likely as non-owners to recognise the value of smart home devices and home control systems, and owner NPS scores for a wide variety of device types are on the rise,” said Brad Russell, research director, connected home, Parks Associates.

“At the same time, the value of emerging technology is often hard for consumers to grasp intuitively. That’s why referrals from friends and family are one of the leading purchase influencers. In order for devices to achieve mass adoption, consumers need to experience them ‘out of the box’ and in real-life settings.”

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