Vodafone Deutschland upgrades more homes to Gigabit speed

Vodafone Deutschland has upgraded 134,000 cable homes in the city of Lübeck in northern Germany to receive Gigabit broadband.

The upgrade means that residents of the city can surf the web with download speeds of 1Gbps. Vodafone has teamed up with housing associations Neue Lübecker Norddeutsche Baugenossenschaft eG and Lübecker Buaverein eG for the launch of Gigabit services in the Hanseatic port city.

The launch means that Vodafone is now offering Gigabit speeds to 430,000 homes throughout Schleswig-Holstein and to over 7.1 million homes across 10 of Germany’s 13 states.

Carsten Jeschka, director of sales for major customers and real estate management at the cable operator, said that Vodafone would provide over 12 million homes with Gigabit connections by 2021.