UltraViolet due to shut down at the end of July

UltraViolet, the initiative that gives users digital access to movies and TV series they’ve purchased, is due to shut down on July 31.

According to information posted on the UltraViolet website, the move is due to “market factors” – including the emergence of  content services separate to UltraViolet.

“In most cases, your movies and TV shows will be available via the retailers linked to your UltraViolet Library at the time of UltraViolet shutdown,” said UltraViolet.

“While there could be some disruption, we do not anticipate this on a broad scale and are working diligently to minimise and avoid such instances.”

UltraViolet said it is working with UltraViolet retailers – which include services like Vudu, Flixster and Kaleidescape – to maximise users’ continued access to movies and TV shows.

However, users’ UltraViolet Libraries will be automatically closed after UltraViolet shuts down.

A consortium of film studios, consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers called the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) launched UltraViolet in the US and UK in 2011.

UltraViolet users can redeem codes bundled with physical Blu-ray and DVD purchases to access the content digitally. The scheme was also designed to unify customers’ digital purchases in a single location.

The scheme was supported by the likes of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros, Lionsgate and NBCUniversal, but never gained the backing of Disney, which went its own way with its Disney Movies Anywhere service.

Amazon, Google and Apple were also key players that did not join DECE or support UltraViolet.

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