BFI: 2017 UK production spend hit record

Total UK production spend for high-end television programmes reached £938 million (€984 million) in 2017, the highest amount yet according to BFI research.

Game of Thrones

The latest figure is a 9% increase from UK spend of £861 million in 2016.

A combination of inward spend, where titles are substantially financed and controlled from outside the UK, and co-productions were the largest contributors to the overall figure, coming in at £684 million. This is the highest amount since analysis began.

It is not clear how much of this spend is due to co-productions, and they are combined with inward spend to avoid disclosing budgets for specific titles.

Domestic spend on titles came in at £254 million, a decrease from £324 million in 2016.

A total number of 91 titles started production in 2017, a decrease from 108 in 2016. Of these, 49 were co-productions and inward investment, an increase from 42 in 2016. There were 42 domestic titles created, down from 66 in 2016.

Shows to go into production included KryptonGame of Thrones season eight (pictured), A Discovery of WitchesDoctor Who season eleven, In the Long Run and A Very English Scandal.

UK spend on animation programmes has dropped to £54 million from £92 million in 2016. Domestic UK programmes accounted for £33 million (62%).

A total of 21 animations programmes started production in 2017. Of these, 14 were domestic.


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