IHS Markit lists video everywhere among its top technology trends

Video everywhere, artificial intelligence and edge computing are the three key technology trends that will have a major effect on the commercial and consumer markets in the coming year, according to IHS Markit.

The research firm’s ‘Top Trends of 2019’ report claims that the increasing ubiquity of video is forcing significant industry change as a growing number of players vie for consumer attention and revenue.

“Online video subscriptions from over-the-top and traditional media players alone will more than double between 2017 and 2022, by which time they will approach the one billion mark,” according to the report.

“While TV, home entertainment, social media, video games and other media sectors are at the heart of the video everywhere trend, other industries – including security, education, and healthcare – are also becoming increasingly reliant on video technology.”

In the AI space, IHS notes that industries like consumer electronics, healthcare and automotive have already moved to adopt this technology and predicts that more than 170 million AI systems will be implemented in the auto sector alone by 2025. However, it cautions that for AI to fully develop, there remain many components that must advance and succeed.

Similarly, edge computing is already transforming the way networks are deployed and devices are built, but the main obstacle to effective edge deployment is the large bandwidth required and the most significant issue is the need to reduce upstream traffic to refine data at the edge, according to IHS.

To download the full white paper, which also covers topics like 5G, Blockchain and next-generation cloud gaming, click here.

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