China mobile and Huawei partner for 8K VR over 5G demo

China Mobile and Huawei have partnered on what they claim is the first 8K live virtual-reality broadcast using a 5G network.

China Mobile 5G Innovation Center and Huawei unveiled the demo at the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, China, using Zhejiang Mobile’s 5G network.

The test showed scenes of a lake captured by an 8K 360-degree camera. This footage was downloaded at 5G speeds to VR headsets.

“VR will help to fuel the progress of 5G and play a crucial role in transforming the entire society,” said Huawei in a statement.

“Compared with technically mature 4K VR live broadcast (requiring 50–80 Mbps data rate), 8K VR services require a higher data rate (100–160 Mbps) and wider bandwidth.

“The faster network speed and increased display resolution will allow users to benefit from a more detailed, true-to-life, and immersive experience.”

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