The QYou launches direct-to-consumer mobile app in India

Youth broadcaster QYou Media has launched the Q India mobile app on the Google Play store, targeting India’s 300 million-plus smartphone users.

The direct-to-consumer app is designed to expand Q India’s footprint both within the country and among expats living outside of India.

The app will give users access to the channel’s 24-hour linear stream of digital-first content from Indian content creators, along with episodes available on-demand.

“India is one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world and provides the perfect opportunity for us to launch a new, youth-oriented mobile app that taps into this,” said QYou Media CEO, Curt Marvis.

“We know from working with leading digital creators in India – like Culture Machine, Pocket Aces, The Comic Wallah and others – that there is a real appetite from young Indians for content that reflects local themes and culture.

“Q India is fast becoming recognised as having the best of this content all in one place, and now with the app we are also enabling audiences that have grown-up watching online video on a daily basis to access their favourite curated content on their favored devices.”

The app launch comes after QYou Media appointed former president of Sony Pictures Worldwide Networks, Andy Kaplan, as non-executive chairman of the board of directors of QYou India earlier this year.

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