TiVo launches BOLT OTA set-top box for cord cutters

TiVo has launched the BOLT OTA, a set-top box designed to work with an HD antenna that it is targeting at US viewers who are considering cutting their cable TV subscription.

The device, which was released in the US this week, is 4K compatible, has a voice remote, four-tuner DVR that can store up to 150 hours of HD programming.

It also offers popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu which can be accessed from the user interface and searched along with other content sources via the device’s universal search function.

“TiVo BOLT OTA is the perfect solution for a broad range of TV enthusiasts, including those considering cutting their cable TV subscription or those who might have cut the cord but are missing some programmes that are only available via live TV,” said Ted Malone, vice president of consumer products and services, TiVo.

“We’ve seen growing demand for our over-the-air products, and BOLT OTA is a major upgrade that will continue to keep TiVo at the forefront of the market.”

TiVo research estimates that 25% of the general US pay TV viewing population are thinking about cutting the pay TV cord for budgetary reasons and claimed that BOLT OTA is the “ideal solution”.

The BOLT OTA costs US$249.99 and has a monthly service fee of US$6.99 or an annual fee of US$69.99.

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