Super RTL taps Ooyala for OTT delivery

Super RTL, the German kids channel co-owned by Disney and RTL, has partnered Ooyala to help simplify the delivery of its content to over-the-top platforms.

Ooyala is delivering an end-to-end solution in partnership with Germany-based Logic Media Solutions and Microsoft Azure Media Services.

“Today’s broadcasters and media companies typically face the question of whether to build or buy a solution to manage and deliver their video content,” said Jonathan Huberman, CEO, Ooyala.

“By migrating to the Ooyala Flex Media Platform, Super RTL has the best of both worlds – a solution that’s quickly and efficiently deployed off-the-shelf, but is also highly customisable and that seamlessly integrates with existing technology.”

Super RTL’s chief digital and marketing officer, Boris Bolz said: “The media landscape is evolving faster than ever, introducing new and growing challenges that left our existing technology obsolete.”

“We needed a solution that could provide greater flexibility and deeper insights across our entire operations, all while future-proofing our services. The Ooyala Flex Media Platform has allowed us to build the best solution for our needs, and being implemented on Microsoft Azure, it can easily be scaled as our service grows and new technology is introduced.”

The project grew out of Ooyala’s collaboration with Microsoft, which had been in talks with Super RTL about migrating its digital video platform to the cloud.

Microsoft introduced Ooyala to Super RTL to provide the workflow and content management components. For the implementation and local support, Ooyala subsequently brought in its local partner Logic.

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