YouTube rolls out charity donation tools

YouTube has launched YouTube Giving, a new set of features designed to help creators and fans use the platform to donate to charities.

YouTube creators and qualifying US-registered non-profits can now create and embed fundraising campaigns next to their videos and live streams via the new ‘Fundraisers’ beta.

This will let fans donate to creator-led campaigns directly on YouTube via a donate button, with YouTube taking care of the payment processing.

The beta will initially be available to a limited group of creators in the US and Canada.

“As part of this beta period, YouTube will also cover all transaction fees so that 100% of donations go to the non-profit,” said Erin Turner, product manager for YouTube Giving, in company blog post.

Other new features that are being trialled in beta mode include a ‘Community Fundraisers’ tool that allows multiple creators to co-host the same fundraiser, and ‘Campaign Matching,’ which allows creators to receive matching pledges for their fundraisers.

“Our inspiration for building YouTube Giving tools has been you – the way you use your voices to create impact on important issues, whether helping out in a crisis or championing a cause,” said Turner.

“Over the coming months, we’ll listen to your feedback on these beta features and continue to expand access to more creators. We can’t wait to see how you’ll use these tools to create even more impact with your YouTube channels.”

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