Multicast ABR market to be worth US$852m by 2023

The global multicast ABR transcasting market will be worth $852.2 million annually by 2023 and will “end up replacing IPTV almost immediately,” according to new research.

The Rethink Technology Research report claims that multicast ABR  will allow internet service providers to reduce their dependency on CDNs (content delivery networks) and enable ‘linear concurrency’ for viewing live events.

“Why choose Multicast ABR over CDN? The obvious benefit is to clear down traffic from your CDN and pay for less in data charges to deliver to four or five million customers for a live event. But there are other benefits,” according to the ‘Transcasting and the birth of the smart IP pipe’ report.

“The multicast ABR market will accelerate slowly, initially in Europe, and then catch fire in North America and Latin America, and finally take off belatedly in the Far East in advanced Chinese and Asia Pacific markets.”

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