SES-12 satellite successfully launched

SES has reported that its SES-12 satellite was successfully launched onboard a flight-proven SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

SES-12, is equipped with wide beams and high throughput beams and will provide video, fixed data, mobility and government services across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. The satellite will join SES-8 at 95 degrees East.

SES-12 will operate under the authority of the Netherlands and will replace and augment the services currently being provided on SES’s NSS-6 satellite. Together with SES-8, SES-12 will reach 18 million TV homes from its orbital position.

“More content, more immersive viewing experience, blazing internet speeds, reliable cell coverage. All of these dynamic customer requirements can now be met with the successful launch of SES-12, which will provide incremental high performance capacity and offer greater reliability and flexibility to our customers,” said Martin Halliwell, chief technology officer at SES.

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