UPC Switzerland launches Happy Home with boosted WiFi

Liberty Global-owned UPC Switzerland has launched Happy Home, a offering to improve subscribers in-home WiFi connectivity through a combination of its UPC Connect app and WLAN Powerline set of adapters.

At the same time, as part of the launch of the new brand, UPC Switzerland has doubled the internet speed available to about 300,000 existing customers for no extra charge. The company is doubling the speed available to broadband customers to 200Mbps or 500Mbps depending on their existing level of service.

UPC has launched a new Connect app for iOS and Android foer users of its Connect high-speed router. This enables the setting up of WiFi on the Connect box easier by allowing users to scan the Wi-Fi coverage in their own four walls and offers possibilities for ensuring optimal connection, according to the operator.

The new WLAN Powerline adapters can enable users to extend and improve the range of their in-home WiFi, according to the operator.

UPC said that the launch of the Happy Home brand would be accompanied by a new marketing campaign.

“The launch of Happy Home marks the start of a journey towards our ambition to increase the experience of our customers at home or on the go. We want to excite not only new customers with our services, but also our loyal existing customers by offering them the best connectivity and first-rate entertainment time and time again,” said Severina Pascu, chief operating officer at UPC.

“By doubling the Internet speed for the same price, we are allowing our existing customers to have more fun while streaming, browsing or chatting to friends and family.”

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