TDC and Huawei complete DOCSIS 3.1 tests

TDCDanish telco and cable operator TDC and Huawei have completed early field test of DOCSIS 3.1, achieving transmission speeds of 840Mbps, the companies have revealed.

Huawei and TDC announced the successful completion of the trials at ANGA COM last week. Huawei supplied its distributed CCAP platform along with consumer premises equipment based on the ST Microelectronics platform.

According to Huawei, the field test, carried out on TDC’s HFC network in Copenhagen, benefited not only from DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM modulation but from extra line signal gains supported by its distributed access architecture. TDC achieved rates of up to 840Mbps through a 96MHz frequency band.

“The success of this early field test confirms that moving to 1 Gbps speeds in the coaxial network is an optimal business opportunity with a promising timescales for a 2016 launch,” said Peter Bukhave, vice-president of TV network development at TDC.

“Huawei is aiming to be the top provider in DOCSIS 3.1 era. The success of the early field test proves Huawei’s innovation capabilities in the DOCSIS industry and reflects the gains from Huawei’s steady efforts in coaxial broadband domain. We are ready to work closely with carriers’ MSO, including TDC, to promote the global DOCSIS 3.1 commercial use progress and meet MSOs’ demands for building ultra-broadband networks,” said Wang Zhengan, president, access network product line at Huawei.