Tablets and smartphones now account for third of video plays

Over a third of online video plays in the Q4 2014 were on tablets and smartphone, according to the latest edition of Ooyala’s Global Video Index.

According to Ooyala, 34% of all video plays in Q4 were on tablets and smartphones. Tablet and smartphone plays doubled in the past year, having grown five times since 2012 and 16 times since 2011.

December saw the highest percentage of video plays on smartphones and tablets at 38%. Mobile plays were15% higher than in November and 114% higher than in the preceding December, according to Ooyala

Tablet users spent 70% of their time watching video longer than 10 minutes, more than for any other device. Tablets also lead in the percentage of time spent watching content from 30-60 minutes long. However, connected TV users tended toward the longest video sessions, with 41% of their time spent watching video longer than 60 minutes.

PCs led all devices in the number of ad impressions for broadcasters and publishers, followed by mobile phones. In this category, mobile phones continue to gain ground and take share from PCs. Broadcasters see the highest rate of ad completions (87%), followed by publishers (71%), according to Ooyala.

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