Teo to provide high-speed WiFi for large-scale arena

Wi-Fi_Siemens_foto_0 teoLithuanian service provider Teo is to provide public WiFi for a large-scale indoor arena in Vilnius, enabling spectators to access video on their smartphones during performances.

Teo will provide WiFi for the Vilnius Siemens Arena. According to Teo, spectators will be able to use the WiFi provided to view videos as well as share photos and personal media. The company has created about 70 hotspots within the venue to prevent signal distortion and reduce impact from devices transmitting in the same frequency.

Video distribution in public arenas is seen as a key application of LTE multicast technologies being developed and deployed by a number of companies worldwide.

“Most arenas in Europe dream of the possibility to provide a multi-thousand crowd of event visitors with high-quality Wi-Fi connectivity. Upon implementation of this project, we will become the arena which has ensured free Wi-Fi connectivity for the largest number of people in the entire region,” said – Juras Vėželis, CEO of the Vilnius Siemens Arena.

“Smart mobile phones have become a form of computer, and the audience wants to not only watch events, but also to simultaneously share the moments of events with their friends or to keep track of event statistics on the internet. This is not possible without high-quality, high-speed Internet access.”

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