Channel 5 taps Digital Element for on-demand geolocation

UK commercial broadcaster Channel 5 has tapped Digital Element’s IP geolocation technology, NetAcuity, to manage video-on-demand content rights.

Due to content providers’ licensing terms, Channel 5 must be able to restrict the viewing of its TV and film content to certain countries.

By using Digital Element’s real-time IP geolocation data, Channel 5 can permit access to its content where agreements are in place, and can restrict viewing where it is prohibited.

Channel 5 also uses Digital Element’s ISP-derived data to anonymously identify the viewer’s ISP, allowing optimal routing of video content across the network to enhance the viewing experience.

“Channel 5’s online reach is expanding rapidly due to the adoption of new connected devices,” said Clive Malcher, head of product development and technology, Channel 5.

“Now, more than ever, we need to be confident that we are complying with our content rights agreements across all the territories we serve, and it is of paramount importance to our business that the IP data we use to do this is accurate.”


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