Unitymedia KabelBW sees Horizon growth

Liberty Global-owned German operator Unitymedia KabelBW had signed up 75,000 Horizon advanced set-top box customers by the beginning of February, the company has said. 

The growth represents an increase of 50,000 Horizon subscriptions since October 31.

The advanced set-top box was launched in Baden-Württemberg at the end of January, having previously only been available across the operator’s North-Rhine Westphalia and Hesse networks.

According to the operator, 37% of its customer base now have double or triple-play packages. Half of Horizon customers opted for a premium triple-play offering with 150Mbps internet access.

The operator’s revenues for 2013 grew 7% to €1.93 billion. Unitymedia KabelBW added 558,000 new revenue generating units in the year to December.

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