UPC Cablecom announces new bundled offerings

To accompany its launch of the Horizon set-top, Liberty Global-owned UPC Cablecom is launching new product bundles, including a combination of 150Mbps internet, free weekend phone calls and TV streaming via iPhone, iPad and computer.

The operator is providing three bundled products: Horizon Start Combi, Horizon Plus Combi and Horizon Super Combi.
Horizon Start Combi is an entry-level combination deal featuring UPC Cablecom’s Compact TV channel package, 35 Mbps internet and FreePhone Weekend. The Horizon Plus Combi offers the Classic TV channels package, 75 Mbps internet and FreePhone Swiss, while the Horizon Super Combi featuring the Comfort channel package, 150 Mbps internet and FreePhone Global.

All combination deals are available either with the Horizon HD Recorder or DigiCard with a WLAN router. All digital products are also available as twin combination deals: television and internet with the Horizon HD Recorder and DigiCard or a combination of internet and fixed-line telephony with a WLAN router.

The new Compact channel package comprises more than 70 channels, 23 of them in HD, including video-on-demand with more than 1,500 films, series and concerts as well as replay functionality including the free SRF video portal, MTV series and Nickelodeon.

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