Ziggo signs up to EU1 on-demand initiative

Ziggo has launched a new on-demand platform to showcase professional content that hasn’t got a distribution deal in place.

The EU1 on-demand service will offer content that has been made by professional film and TV programme makers to the Dutch cable operator’s customers.

EU1 started as an online initiative that sees all rights to content being retained by the maker.  Everyone that works on a EU1 project shares the profits of any money earned from it. From the profits made, 90% goes to the makers while EU1 receives a reimbursement of 10%.

“Ziggo is always searching for content that offers emotion and inspiration to the customer. What’s more, customers really want to share that experience and those emotions. EU1 gives customers the opportunity to do this and that is why Ziggo supports this initiative. EU1 is available, without extra costs, for every Ziggo customer with an interactive receiver,” Ziggo said.

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