SES and Red Bee launch remote record service

Satellite operator SES and broadcast services provider Red Bee Media have jointly launched a remote recording service for satellite reception devices.

SatRecord is a new satellite-based TV remote recording service which will provide consumers with the ability to record TV programmes via internet-connected devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones from wherever they may be.

Consumers will enter a request to record TV programmes, which will be sent over-the-air directly to their set-top boxes enabled for SatRecord service.

“Driving innovation is key to increasing the competitive proposition of satellite TV. By enabling consumers to record their favourite TV programmes easily, the new SatRecord initiative will create stronger user retention to satellite infrastructure. Together with leading consumer electronics partners, we are again demonstrating our ability to provide additional value to the satellite TV industry,” said Wilfried Urner, senior vice-president, product development and management of SES.

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