Mariner xVu reaches seven million devices

Mariner, the specialist in IP video service monitoring and troubleshooting, has announced that its Mariner xVu product is now monitoring more than seven million devices.

“Globally, Mariner xVu is now monitoring more IPTV set-top boxes — on a managed network — than all other vendors combined,” said Curtis Howe, president and CEO of Mariner. “The Mariner xVu product monitors beyond the edge of the network, and consistently detects and isolates complex IP video problems that other monitoring tools miss.”

Mariner xVu has been supporting the Microsoft Mediaroom environment since 2009 and has recently announced support for the new functionality in Microsoft Mediaroom client 2.2. Other ecosystems supported include Cisco Videoscape, Viaccess-Orca (RiGHTv and Compass), and Minerva iTVFusion.

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