Playcast to deliver cloud gaming to Cisco, Pace and AirTies

Cloud-based gaming provider Playcast Media has announced new deals with three set-top vendors.

Playcast will integrate its streaming technology with set-top boxes manufactured by Cisco, Pace and AirTies.

The Playcast system uses a proprietary technology to process off-the-shelf PC games and distribute the game’s audio and visual output as a regular video stream to ordinary cable and set-top, on-demand boxes. Playcast’s Cloud Gaming TV service delivers video games as a managed streaming service to TV operators, and is integrated as a software application on existing set top boxes and other video-enabled connected device. The service is embedded into the TV lineup. Playcast video game partners include publishers Atari, Capcom, Codemasters, Disney, Sega, THQ and Warner Bros.

“Game developers have long relied on consoles, PCs and mobile devices to bring their games to consumers. But cloud gaming, and more specifically, our technology, changes that model,” said Guy De Beer, Playcast Media chief executive officer. “These new technology partnerships are great news for cable providers. Now they too can get in on the game and deliver some of the world’s most popular gaming content directly to subscribers around the globe.”

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