Harmonic launches Iris 2.0

Video technology provider Harmonic has updated Iris, its video quality monitoring and analytics software suite.

Version 2.0 features an enhanced graphical user interface and integration with various monitoring solutions. It enables service providers to monitor and analyse their use of Harmonic broadcast encoders in real time.
Iris 2.0 features a web-based graphical user interface for real-time monitoring and analytics, as well as post-analytics and reporting.

“As service providers expand their line-ups and introduce new channels, efficient utilisation of available bandwidth becomes increasingly important to maintain cost-effective operations. At the same time, ensuring consistent video quality on each channel is essential to maintaining viewer satisfaction,” said Yoav Derazon, director of software products and solutions, Harmonic. “Using Iris 2.0, operators can better analyze their channel lineup and make changes that both improve video quality and optimise bandwidth. Iris provides objective data that accurately reflects picture quality, giving operators hard data on which to base their decisions.”