Kit Digital launches social programme guide

Cloud based TV software company kit Digital has launched a social TV solution, the Kit Social Program Guide (SPG).

The Kit SPG integrates users’ social networks with their service provider’s electronic programme guide, allowing viewers to use various social TV functions, as well as change the channel, through a single  interface. The solution supports  cloud-based DVR functionality,  VOD store integration and various e-commerce models and ad serving.
Kit Digital said the SPG is designed to  replace the traditional on-screen electronic programme guide plus TV remote control experience, while also integrating  social and second screen functionality.
“The convergence of social media with non-linear, multiscreen viewing habits is driving the future of social TV, and of television viewing more broadly. Viewers want to find, watch and share their favorite shows without having to resort to a hodgepodge of disjointed apps and devices,” said Alex Blum, chief operating officer, KIT Digital. “The Kit Social Program Guide will offer network operators and broadcasters the first complete, provider-based social TV solution.”

The KIT SPG enables popular user behaviors including choosing shows based on social network recommendations, interacting with friends via Twitter, Facebook or proprietary social networks, and viewing additional information about content from sources like IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and Wikipedia, according to Kit Digital.


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