BBC to trial Super HD at Olympics

UK public broadcaster the BBC will air “every hour of every event” at next year’s Olympic Games and will trial a Super High Definition service in association with Japanese broadcaster NHK. However, 3D television would only play a “limited” role, according to BBC director of sport Roger Mosey. 

The BBC will launch up to 24 dedicated online television channels to ensure that it will be able to provide comprehensive coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games. 
Mosey, speaking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, said it would consider airing the 100 metres final in 3D.

However, he urged that high definition would be more important in the long term. 
”Super hi-vision might be a better long-term prospect than 3D in some ways as it gives you the feel of being in the stadium. People are knocked out by it,” he said.

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