DTG publishes connected TV version of D-Book

The UK’s Digital TV Group (DTG) has published the latest version of the D-Book, its digital-terrestrial TV technology specification.

D-Book 7 provides a detailed interoperability specification for digital-terrestrial television with extended connected TV functionality. The specification is designed to provide an industry-agreed baseline specification for connected TV products and services that YouView and others including BSkyB and Virgin Media can build on for trademark requirements to support their own connected TV services.

The D-Book 7 Part B beta v0.9 specification is designed to provide the basis for interoperable IP delivered services in the UK. The DTG is liaising with international bodies including HbbTV, ETSI, MPEG, the Open IPTV Forum and DECE to ensure interoperability. This release is at a provisional stage as it is yet to include a device profile and some sections are under review, mainly due to awaiting the completion of international standardisation work, according to the DTG. The specification is available on the organization’s website. 

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