Virgin launches V6 set-top-box upgrade scheme

Virgin Media is offering customers a free upgrade to its high-end V6 set-top box in what it described as one of the largest customer upgrade programmes ever carried out in the UK. The V6 is Virgin’s premium 4K-ready set-top box that allows users to record up to six programmes while watching a seventh recording or […]

Liberty Global grows advanced TV base, plans more 4K rollouts

Liberty Global added 313,000 next-generation TV customers in Q4 and said it plans to expand the deployment of its new 4K cloud-based set-top box. Announcing its fourth quarter and full-year 2016 results, Liberty said that overall it added 1.2 million subscribers last year to its next-gen TV services – which include Horizon and Horizon-Lite in […]

Virgin Media launches V6 box, download-to-own and ‘TellyTablet’

Virgin Media has unveiled its new ‘home entertainment experience’, based on its new 4K UHD TV enabled V6 box, along with three new innovations – a download-to-own store, a new kids app and an own-branded large-format table companion screen, dubbed the TellyTablet. As part of its next-generation TV launch, Virgin Media is launching the Virgin […]