Telstra Broadcast Services

Telstra Broadcast Services hires Mike Whittaker as COO

Australia’s telecom and technology operator, Telstra, has named Mike Whittaker as chief operating officer of its Telstra Broadcast Services (TBS) arm.  Whittaker who started his role in mid-January, will oversee the company’s customer service. He will also be responsible for TBS’s integration and deployment of tech solutions, infrastructure and operations functions at the company. The […]

Telstra and BT join forces to enhance Global Network Connectivity  

Australia’s largest telco Telstra Broadcast Services (TBS) and UK’s telecommunication provider BT is to combine its’global media network teams, pooling their vast network infrastructure and localised expertise.    Under the five-year deal, customers of both TBS and BT will have access to the unified operations of the two global media networks via a product offering headed […]

Telstra opens London Broadcast Operations Centre

Telstra Broadcast Services (TBS) has announced the opening of its new UK Broadcast Operations Centre (BOC).  Situated in Telstra’s London Hosting Centre in London Docklands, the BOC will host a Master Control Room, office space, and lab/workshop area. Telstra said that the BOC has been designed specifically for live video productions and will assist in […]

Telstra rebrands recently acquired Globecast Australia

Telstra has rebranded its recently acquired business, Globecast Australia, to Telstra Broadcast Services. The firm is unveiling the new brand at IBC, in a move that it says cements Telstra’s commitment to providing “deeper capabilities in media services for customers in the broadcasting industry.” Telstra Broadcast Services offers to a global customer base media delivery […]